BfG News Issue 3 - Eco Innovations

03 Jul 2007|Added Value

Turning old CRTs into TVs – NGO charity Computer Aid have developed a unique method of turning old CRT computer monitors into TVs.  By attaching a TV board they can create a working TV utilising the brightness button as the channel selector and the contrast button as volume.  And all for about £27!

Recycle your jeans – into a pair of sandals!  Having your old jeans made into stylish comfort sandals is a great way of personalising your recycling whilst helping to preserve the Earth’s atmosphere. This UK based company will turn your favourite pair into the lowest carbon footprint footwear ever.

  Recycled plastic hits the High Street – retail giants M&S unveil their recycled range which includes children’s uniforms, men’s trousers & unisex fleeces. Tapping into consumer demand for recycled fabrics & their concern for the human and ethical cost of cheap clothing.

Free bulb take-back – Wal-Mart held a fluorescent light recycling day in five states across America last month. This event, and Wal-Mart’s other sustainability initiatives, continue to win praise from sustainable business advocates and shows how green initiatives can combine doing good with building sales and reputation. 


Skinned Water anyone? – Sidel’s innovative NoBottle uses proprietary plastic technology, dubbed Flex, to make this new “water skin” giving high flexibility & shape memory, allowing the bottle to spring back to its original shape after compression or grip.  And weighing under 10 grams for a half-litre bottle it’s the lightest on the market.  Sidel will launch NoBottle at K 2007, an international trade fair, in October.

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