Emerging environmental awareness in China

06 Jul 2007|Cynthia Chan

Shanghai is one of the legs of Live Earth concert series today (July.7.07.) The 24-hour Live Earth concert series, promoting global warming awareness, is scheduled to begin in Sydney, Australia on July 7, 2007 and continue across all seven continents with events in Tokyo, Shanghai, Istanbul, Johannesburg, London, Hamburg, and Rio de Janeiro, before concluding in New York.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I can be at the concert in person even though I’m in Shanghai right now. I heard that the tickets are all sold out! However, it’s definitely interesting to see how climate change and global warming issues are playing out in China.

The Live Earth organization says around 3,000 people are expected to attend the concert which will be held in front of the Oriental Pearl Tower, featuring local artists from the Greater China region like Eason Chan, Joey Yung, Evonne Hsu, 12 Girls Band, Huang Xiao Ming, etc.

The Chinese government is behind a number of environmental protection initiatives in recent years but it seems like there is slightly more awareness from the consumers’ side of things as well. Private groups and organizations like the World Wildlife Fund, The Climate Group, Global Village of Beijing, etc. are all allocating efforts in China. The World Wildlife Fund actually just sponsored an environmental campaign in Shanghai, using various exhibits around college campuses to demonstrate the effects of exhaust emissions given off by cars.

Aside from the above, I also suspect the influence comes from media coverage and celebrities’ involvement. I’ve seen a number of initiatives in Hong Kong in recent years around environmental protection (and a lot of them used celebrities as spokespersons) and I wouldn’t be surprise if some of these were picked up in China as trends and news moving Northward. And let’s not forget the power of the Internet in terms of helping news and trends travel within China.

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