BfG News Issue 4 - Eco Innovations

04 Sep 2007|Added Value

 With this issue’s spotlight on on-line enabling green – we list 5 of our best websites.


 Freecycle   – this on-line community works on the basis that one man’s rubbish is another man’s gold and enables you to see what unwanted stuff is up for grabs in your area. The first UK Freecycle group was set up in London in Oct 2003. There are now 443 groups spread across the country, with 867,779 members!

GreenChoices  –   A UK site providing direct information on green alternatives for our everyday life.  From fashion, groceries to services that empower change.

Recycle Now  –  A UK practical guide to recycling with how-to tips, handy postcode finder and a great array of recycled gifts, such as circuit board coasters and camera bags made of belts.

 Treehugger – Our favourite!  US-based site but with global focus producing more than 20 posts a day – the best for the latest green news. Recently bought by Discovery Channel for a reported $10 million.

 Worldchanging –   Another US site concentrating on tools and technologies designed to make our lifestyles more sustainable and encourage social change. More than 100 contributors from around the world post on the site, with content organised in sections including business, communities, cities and “stuff”.

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