BfG News Issue 5 - Eco Innovations

05 Oct 2007|Added Value

Ethical Beauty  –  Stella McCartney launched ‘care’ this summer; an organic skin care range complete with recyclable packaging. Certified by ECOCERT, the product website also carries tips for sustainable living.

From Cosmetics to CompostLush are using popcorn packaging for their mail orders and because this lightweight, biodegradable filler is ‘clean’ all soap and shampoo bars can go stark ‘naked’ – without plastic bags.  They’ve also thought about the end of the packaging’s life & include instructions on setting up your own compost heap in every box.

Vending InnovationUK-based WaterWerkz’s patented pouchlink system offers freshly made drinks in situ and the lowest ‘food mile’ rating of any vended packaged cold drink and 80% energy reduction by flash chilling (compared to traditional vending machines).

VW Blue Motion Spoilt for choice, customers walking into their nearest VW showroom will be able to order a hybrid option in any VW model, with some available as early as next year. A great example of Volkswagen’s sustainable innovation strategy.


Solar Charged  – Sanyo’s Eneloop series of rechargeable batteries embraces innovative technology with the launch of their solar recharger, epitomising clean energy whilst remaining functional and communicating Sanyo’s eco-friendly corporate philosophy.

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