Branding for Good News - Issue 6

06 Nov 2007|Added Value

bfg_header_issue_6Welcome to Issue 6 of News,  Added Value’s newsletter on ethical marketing.

Companies falling into the greenwashing trap have once again come under the spotlight this month. As “green” campaigns become more common, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has been active in ensuring that “consumers are confident that advertisers operate in a climate of truth”, putting advertisers like Ryan Air and Citroen in check. And, just as M&S is praised for the opening of their first eco store in Bournemouth, they are criticized in a report by research company BRMB for having the lowest percentage of recyclable packaging amongst the top supermarket brands. An issue they will be quick to rectify as part of their “Plan A” campaign.

But, many would argue that companies have to start somewhere on the foggy road to green. Surely it’s better to do something and take your consumers with you on the journey, than do nothing and risk being left behind? Do BP’s, or Wal-mart’s, or GE’s green initiatives render them benevolent leaders or malevolent greenwashers? You can find passionate opinion claiming both.

What must a company do to be ‘green’?
There are some obvious sins a brand needs to avoid; it must avoid dishonesty, over-claim, and being economical with the truth. But even when trying hard to do the right thing, there are still traps a well-meaning brand can fall into.  Read more …

Consumers have high expectations of brands when it comes to ethical issues, but we suspect there is a big gap between what most consumers say and do when it comes to being green. Join us explore this topic at the Invoke Live demonstration on 4th December, to which all Branding for Good NEWS readers are invited to participate.

Corporate Responsibility
Long term brand building depends critically on an understanding of the needs of all constituencies. We ask Sir Martin Sorrell , CEO, WPP and keynote speaker at our ‘Branding for Good’ summit what events in the last year or so have made sure, in his opinion, that climate change will continue to be a dominant business trend. Read more …

Entrepreneurs and big brands innovating for a sustainable future.  Take a look …

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