BfG News Issue 6 - Eco Innovations

06 Nov 2007|Added Value

Chokolit – the ideal edible gift for Christmas with no waste for the environment (but possibly an inch on your waist). 15 year-old entrepreneur Louis Barnett, packages his chocolates in nothing…but chocolate.

 Harnessing the wind in the palm of your hand?  The “HYmini” is a small charger that can power equally small gadgets, such as mobile phones and MP3 players, by using the energy of the wind it absorbs while attached to a car, bicycle or even a jogger. A HYmini attached to a bike’s handlebars can add 15 minutes of power to a cell phone, whilst one affixed to a car window will provide 40 minutes.


From wind to wind-up!  Trevor Baylis – the original inventor of the wind up radio has taken the technology to a whole new level. Video-player, FM stereo radio, audio stereo system and audio recorder, super bright torch, phone charger, photo viewer, data storage, voice recorder – this ingenious gadget can do almost anything. One minute of winding gives 40 minutes of play.

Back to basics – premiumized.  New store just opened in London offering consumers a range of organic and fair trade food & household items without packaging.  A new take on bring your own…


Google Green – it’s all green for the online giant.  Google has launched the UK Carbon Footprint Project to help people in the UK to calculate, track and compare their carbon footprints with others living in the UK via the google carbon footprint map.  Then once you’ve calculated your footprint, you can limit your carbon consumptions the green way by buying online at the Google Green Store. From organic cotton T-shirts to pencils made of recycled blue jeans, you’ll find that most (though not all) Google products are now made of recycled material or other stuff that goes easy on our planet.


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