New Cheskin Podcast Brings Together Expert Panel to Discuss Cross-Cultural Communication Challenges in U.S. and Latin America

13 Nov 2007|Added Value

Redwood Shores, CA, November 13, 2007 – Innovation consulting firm Cheskin has just launched its new podcast series, Fresh Perspectives, with The Inverted Triangle Dilemma, an in-depth expert panel discussion of communication differences between mainstream North America and Latin America and how this impacts business communications and U.S. Hispanic marketing and market research.

The lively podcast discussion is led by Miguel Gomez Winebrenner, senior Hispanic market consultant at Cheskin and author of the article Inverted Triangle Dilemma: How to Maximize Communications Between North and South. Panelists include experts from iLatina+Verswyvel Advertising, Kimberly Clark and Visa. The podcast can be watched on YouTube and is also available on iTunes.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Inverted Triangle Workshop
Tied into the podcast and article theme, the company is offering a new half-day workshop which teaches companies how to become more effective in developing persuasive communications in business and marketing for both cultures. Workshop participants learn:

  • How to improve business communications between the U.S. and Latin America.
  • How this knowledge can be used to more effectively market to Hispanic consumers in the U.S.
  • How to present persuasive arguments for both cultures and improve overall effectiveness.

“Globalization combined with the opportunities that the Hispanic market in the U.S. brings mandates that we communicate effectively and with relevance. Ignoring subtle, but important differences in argumentative style can tune out an audience before you’ve had a chance to make your point,” explains Miguel Gomez Winebrenner. “Mastering the language is only the first step.”

Miguel Gomez Winebrenner is available to provide more information on The Inverted Triangle Dilemma, Cheskin’s new workshop and Cheskin’s Hispanic practice. He may be contacted at

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