Branding for Good News - Issue 7

07 Dec 2007|Added Value

bfg_header_issue_7  Welcome to Issue 7 of News,  Added Value’s newsletter on ethical marketing.

December heralds two important historical benchmarks in the fight against climate chaos. In Bali, the world laid witness to 192 countries negotiating a plan to slow global warming. Scientific studies show that carbon emissions need to be cut by up to 80% by 2050 if the worst of climate change is to be avoided. And in Oslo, former US vice-president turned environmental campaigner, Al Gore collected his Nobel peace prize for his work to raise awareness of climate change.  Here in the UK, the Pitt Review warned that floods like the scale experienced this summer will be a much more frequent occurrence.  Whilst positive plans to build enough wind turbines to generate nearly half Britain’s current electricity consumption were unveiled by the government’s Energy Secretary.

December is also, for many, the season for festive celebrations.  Lightspeed Research’s recent consumer survey shows that Britons are making real changes this Christmas to be ‘green’. Have you consider the carbon footprint of the gifts in your Christmas stocking? Product design consultancy IDC revealed that “80% of the environmental impact of products is determined by the decisions made by the designers, and while consumers can influence emissions with their buying decisions, the breakthroughs occur when marketers, designers and engineers work together.”  A clear message to us all.

2007 – the year the world finally woke up to climate change.
Without a shadow of a doubt, this year, more than any other, has seen green issues increasingly driving the business agenda. Research findings from our recent Invoke live session support this shift with UK consumers  – 77% had actively taken steps to change their behaviour to become a more responsible consumer.  Read more…

Al Gore…Speaking on Economics, Politics and the Environment
The ‘naive view that businesses can put the bottom line to one side’ was an ‘unacceptable tension’ and a barrier that must be broken down. Read more …

Eco Innovations
Our Christmas special to help with those last minute green gifts. Take a look…

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