BfG News Issue 7 - Eco Innovations

07 Dec 2007|Added Value

Nokia unveils its 3110 Evolve with “bio-covers” made from more than 50% renewable material, smaller packaging made of 60% recycled content and including Nokia’s most energy efficient charger yet, using 94% less energy than the Energy Star requirements.


The OWL energy monitoring device is the perfect gadget to show  you how much electricity is being used, how the cost of electricity per hour changes and the amount of CO2 emissions your home is producing.


Avoid the unsustainable Christmas gift –  Oxfam Unwrapped is chock full of real alternative gifts that help fight poverty.  You can even buy donated ‘pre-loved’ items, from clothes to books in their Donated Range online.

  Guardian’s eco store – buy online a collection of products to promote ideas for a better world. From clothing,  energy-saving gadgets, homewares, organic cosmetics or fairly traded gifts. 


  Eco-festive decorations – Carnaby Street in London has dazzling eco-friendly decorations using holographic reflective paper chains that utilise existing shop lighting and react to sunlight too, removing the use of electricity during daylight hours altogether.

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