Cheskin is now part of Added Value: What it means

20 Dec 2007|Added Value

Yes, it’s true! Cheskin is now a part of the global brand development firm Added Value, and we couldn’t be more pleased. (If you haven’t seen the news, take a look at the press release). While becoming a truly global firm is certainly a change for us, for most everyone associated with Cheskin it will be business as usual, only better.

As a part of Added Value, we’re still firmly committed to growing our innovation consulting business which rests solidly on the pillars of consumer insights, design strategy and business analytics. That won’t change. We’ll have the same Cheskin name, the same Cheskin management, and the same great Cheskin project teams.

What will be different is that we will now have a greatly enhanced physical presence and an extended reach around the world, taking our international work to the next level. We also have a host of new capabilities and products available within our network to provide you more horsepower for your initiatives. Importantly for us, we have a great community of new partners to collaborate, play, and create with, and to inspire us.

We anticipate that our clients and colleagues will have questions about this change and what it will mean to their Cheskin experience. Below, our CEO Darrel Rhea, and Added Value’s CEO, Angus Porter answer a few…

Q: Why was Cheskin excited to join the Added Value Group?

Darrel: Our ability to achieve our vision of being the world leader in innovation has been limited by our ability to grow organically at the required scale. I’m excited that we found a group with a similar culture, aspirations and service offerings that will accelerate having our vision become a reality. At the same time it provides greater opportunities for our people.

Cheskin’s clients will benefit from our ability to extend our international presence and reach by leveraging the Added Value Group network. And they also bring a solid reputation in delivering brand development and marketing insight to some of the world’s biggest brands, so this gives extra muscle and competitive strength to our branding credentials as well. It couldn’t have made more sense.

Q. Will you be expanding on your service offerings?

Angus: In the first instance, the major benefit to Added Value is the specialist expertise Cheskin brings, which will add greatly to our innovation offer. Combining our areas of expertise will then spark new thinking which will in turn create new opportunities for our clients.

Q:  What do your existing clients think of this deal? And your people?

Darrel: It’s still early, but initial conversations with our clients have been met with a very positive reaction. Of course we wouldn’t have entered into this deal without the full confidence that our clients will be enthusiastic about the benefits they will experience.

Angus: Our people are excited too. This partnership brings opportunities to both companies’ employees which wasn’t available before. New faces and new ideas are always a positive step with the additional knowledge and expertise this brings.

We hope that you are as excited as we are about this new era in Cheskin’s 60+ year evolution. And if you have any questions of your own, we’re eager to answer them. Just send an email or give us call.

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