Brand: yesterday, today, tomorrow

15 Jan 2008|Added Value

Published in: Marke 41, edition 1/2008
Authors: Christoph Prox and Dr. Oliver Nickel
“Here you know what you get!” perhaps the perfect brand slogan. Brands give security. Brands guarantee quality. Trust and reliability, clarity, relevance as well as differentiation make up the key factors. They are the ones to be analysed and controlled by brand research. Not everyone wants or can have this credo. Which is not a bad thing. because it generates competitive advantages. The industrially manufactured product started the historical development of the German consumer and marketing culture. A label transformed it into a ‘brand product’. Standardised quality, widespread availability, high recognition value as well as a suitable and consistent price made it a sign of progress. Security became the core emotion of branded goods. Consequently, the claim directly after 1945 was “A great moment, finally Persil is back”
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