BfG News Issue 9 - Eco Innovations

09 Feb 2008|Added Value

Bags of Change – encouraging responsible shopping bag use by dangling a tasty carrot. In short you get a discount at any participating store into which you to take their funky organic hemp-cotton or Amazonian latex bags. So far over 50 stores in the London area are involved.  Could this concept be incorporated in more retail stores?

Current State is a real-time energy use monitoring system and timer combined into one. The Current State system is made up of two parts, a mobile application for your mobile phone, which allows you to control and monitor electricity use from anywhere, and a series of Plug-Ends that give you control over the products around your house.  Sounds complicated but it’s actually very sexy (especially for techno lovers) but alas still a concept – who will bring it to market?

  Carbon Hero –  using your mobile phone again, this time to calculate your carbon footprint for every journey you make. This key-ring sized device uses the signal from your mobile phone to identify which forms of transport you have taken – based on your velocity, route and pattern of movement – and gives carbon readings in pints per km. The information is gathered automatically every time you travel, and can then be used to accurately offset your carbon.

  Plug and go – in a big boost for all-electric cars (and the new breed of plug-in hybrids), energy company EDF and charge-point manufacturer Elecktromotive are to help local councils in the UK to install 250 recharging stations. The aim of the £1 million initiative is to kick-start the creation of a nationwide recharging infrastructure. Sheffield, Camden, Islington and Lambeth Borough Councils are already signed up to get a piece of the action. It’s being predicted that the market for hybrid, electric and other alternative fuel vehicles in London will pass the £1.2 billion mark by 2009.

Built to last – classic camera maker LEICA has launched their M8 perpetual upgrade package which allows existing M8 owners to send their camera back to be upgraded with the latest technology and an extended two year warranty.  A great example of product innovation with a ‘design for life’ approach extending the product lifecycle.

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