Cheskin Added Value’s Lee Shupp Leads SXSW Exploration of Computing Interface Innovation

19 Feb 2008|Added Value

Redwood Shores, CA – February 19, 2008  – Lee Shupp, Executive VP of the innovation consulting firm Cheskin Added Value, will share his expertise on the future of computing interface innovation at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Festival in Austin TX this March. SXSW is considered one of the leading events in the U.S. for emerging technologies.

Shupp, a “street futurist” who combines futures research techniques with ethnographic immersion to understand evolving consumers, will join fellow panelists Kristin Alexander from Microsoft’s Surface team, Brewster Kahle of Internet Archive and Alexa fame, and Kai Huang from Red Octane/Guitar Hero for the session, Kill Your Mouse: The Future of Kinetic Computing, taking place March 8th, 2008.

In a provocative exchange moderated by TechTalk Studio principal Christie Dames, the group will discuss how paradigm-busting interfaces are bringing new life into computing and entertainment, enabling people to interact with digital tools in more natural and intuitive ways – with Intention and Motion as the key platforms for communication. Their discussion will cover key interface innovation issues including:

  • The ethnography of evolution: What’s changing about people to make this possible?
  • How people will adapt to and adopt these new interfaces and what that means for the people creating the technologies.
  • The influence of the “new” early adopters – from 20 somethings to 60 somethings.

“Technology innovation is happening too fast to rely on an understanding of people in the present as a guide for new product development,” says Shupp.  “We have to look at customers as highly dynamic, constantly evolving on a trajectory from the past towards the future. In this mindset, and with the right tools, real insights emerge that guide next generation innovation.”

About the SXSW Interactive Festival
Scheduled March 7-11 in Austin, Texas, the 2008 SXSW Interactive Festival provides practical how-to information as well as unparalleled career inspiration, bringing together some of emerging technology’s most creative thinkers. The event features five days of keynote speeches, more than 120 panels, the SXSW Web Awards, the iF! Trade Show & Exhibition, the ScreenBurn Arcade, and dozens of exciting evening events. For more information on SXSW Interactive, see

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