BfG News Issue 10 - Summit Soundbites

10 Mar 2008|Added Value

AV_PolaroidImages_SMSSir Martin Sorrell, Global CEO – WPP 

“I’ve always believed that anyone who’s building a long-term business will do things that are right. All of us who are building long-term brands have to be engaged with this. This is good business. It’s not charity. It’s not altruism. It’s about good business and we have no choice.”




 AV_PolaroidImages_ChrisClark(3)Chris Clarke, Head of Marketing – HSBC Group 

“Understand what you want consumers to say when they leave the room… managing a brand for its truths is a key lesson for greenwashing…Do you believe this issue to be important? Or, are you just following a competitor?” “This cannot take over your lives, it’s how you do business not why you do business. Successful businesses yield successful economies which in turn yield progress.”



 Marie_Ridgley(1)Marie Ridgley, Joint Managing Director – Added Value UK
Brands can be divided into four different models when it comes to their levels of engagement with ethical issues.  A crusader brand is built on strong ethical beliefs; a harmonist has a really good marriage between their brand and their brand personality, and the issues that they engage in, the changeling brand wants responsible as part of their brand DNA and are on a journey/in a transition state; and finally the selectors who don’t want to reposition but will tackle relevant issues with single-minded vigor.




Leslie Pascaud, Director of Responsible Marketing Practice – Added Value Europe
“This journey doesn’t have to be daunting for brands. It’s just about putting the issues of your business through a responsible lens. Follow the AV PATH for the journey – Positive, Authentic, Tangible, Honest”



keith fletcher(2)Keith Fletcher, Propositions Manager – E.ON UK

The courage of E.ON:  “We are one of the world’s largest carbon emitters… and are the 53rd largest company in the world… We will never be loved by the green lobby” but this hasn’t stopped them from striving to make a difference. “We want to be a challenger brand and challenge the industry itself.”  A great example of how ethical issues can provide an opportunity for brave brands.

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