BfG News Issue 11 - Eco Innovations

01 Apr 2008|Added Value

ADIDASadidas GRUN Spring/Summer 08 sees the launch of this collection that aims to better the environment by efficiently utilising natural resources.  With three guiding elements of “Made From”, “Recycled” and “Reground”, adidas Grün offers a range of products all made from recycled and natural materials. Natural materials include bamboo & hemp whilst the “Reground” range is fully biodegradable, even down to the zips – a world first. Check out the launch ’guerrilla gardening’ campaign.


STYLE-SWAPSwishing – swap shops are a whole new concept in recycling. Visa Swap (sponsored by Visa credit card & TRAID),  was a major exchange held in London last summer with another planned for June this year in Covent Garden. By bringing clothes and accessories to the drop off store in advance of the event, consumers received redeemable points on their special Visa Swap Card in exchange to spend at the Swap Shop meet.

ECO-BOOKBamboo Ecobook  – due for release this year, the new Asus notebook has many technologically advanced features, including a modular design (allowing upgrades) and a mouse trackpad large enough to integrate a handwriting function.  But the real innovation is the materials it’s made out of.  With an exterior covered in bamboo, the internal components are plastic (recyclable), the lining entirely cardboard and no toxic paints, sprays or even electroplating has been used on its components.

UNILEVERGreen(er) tea – when it comes to buying tea in the supermarket, most people tend to stick with a big brand they know and trust – whether it’s sustainably produced or not. So it’s good news when the world’s biggest tea producer commits to buying all its tea sustainably. By 2010, says Unilever, all tea produce for two of its biggest brands, PG Tips and Lipton Yellow Label, will come from farms certified by the Rainforest Alliance. The Added Value team are proud to have helped Unilever on this sustainable journey.

FOOTPRINTThe Footprint Chronicles – as a natural extension to their mission statement “build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis”, Patagonia has created an interactive mini-site ‘The Footprint Chronicles’ that allows you track the impact of specific Patagonia products from design through delivery.  The honest dialogue, set out as ‘the good’ , ‘the bad’ and ‘how we can improve’ displays transparency whilst facilitating discussion about the environment and ultimately leading to more educated decisions about what we consume.

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