Branding for Good News - Issue 11

01 Apr 2008|Added Value






Welcome to Issue 11 of News, Added Value’s newsletter on ethical marketing.

April 22nd saw the 38th annual Earth Day celebrated around the world. For corporate America, April became Earth Month with Walmart’s mission to bring ‘green’ to the mainstream; whilst fashion brands Target and Banana Republic launched new eco-clothing ranges. The Aveda Network celebrated the month of April with an international fundraising effort to raise money for a group of nonprofit Conservation Partners. Global brand Vodafone committed to halving its CO2 emissions by 2020, whilst Unilever supports the recent Greenpeace campaign to call for a moratorium on rainforest deforestation in Indonesia, pledging to source only sustainably-grown palm oil for their products by 2015.

There is an increasingly clear correlation between a brand’s responsible image and the strength of the consumer’s relationship, as shown by research Added Value conducted for the recent ‘Branding for Good’ summit in March.  However, brands must ensure they avoid greenwashing.  Any ethical strategy must begin with the brand and be core to the brand’s DNA for it to gain credibility in the consumer’s eyes. Find out more on the ‘Green 2.0: Avoid the Greenwash’ CD-Rom – click here to purchase.

Sustainable Fashion
In honour of Earth Day, the Sustainable Style Foundation  released its fifth ‘Best Dressed Environmental List’ with hopes of inspiring everyone to go green without foregoing fashion.  So where does the concept of fast fashion sit in the new sustainable landscape?  Read more…

Greening the Energy Industry
An equally difficult sector to reconcile with sustainability is the energy industry.  One brand that has displayed a conscious confidence to take responsibility in this area is E.ON.  We asked Keith Fletcher, Propositions Manager, how they are driving tangible actions to solve sustainable issues.  Read more …

Eco Innovations
Entrepreneurs and big brands innovating for a sustainable future.  Take a look…

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