Brands: moving back to the people

27 Apr 2008|Added Value

Published in: MARKENARTIKEL edition 4/2008
Author: Dr. Oliver Nickel

Brand stories and consumers aspirations need to find a balance again otherwise we run the risk of loosing the foundations of marketing work. Even brand management is subject to fashion and zeitgeist. It’s about gaining competitive advantage following the “Survival of the fittest” principle. Is one level of advantage exhausted, look for the next one and scale it. Key success factors in this context are: relevant offer, clear structures, significant differentiation, a consistent core, noticeable momentum, a credible story and the translation of the brand promise into perceivable emotions. The combination of these success factors is in the end more than the sum of all components. The brand as the object of the company’s success is often the heart of the entire value chain. For managing brands the so-called identity-oriented approach has prevailed. But this apparent clarity also has its down side. Because “identity-oriented” brand management sometimes concentrates too much at the identity of the brand only – and forgets that identity is worthless if not anchored in needs and motivations of consumers.
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