Re-discovery of substance

27 Apr 2008|Added Value

Published in: Horizont, Special edition “43rd Congress of German Market Research”
Christoph Prox

Chris Prox talks about consumers longing for real promises of branded products and why concrete benefits will become important again. Germany is untightening its belt again. For five years Saturn advertised with “Stinginess is cool” and with it, verbalized the oppressive feeling and the pessimism of the “post-new-economy-era” and the “9-11-depression”. In the beginning of the year it was replaced because the mood in the country had turned. Compared to 2003, the proportion of people who focussed more on quality than price rose by more than 10%. Although optimism decreased somewhat in recent months, nevertheless the spirit in Germany is still more positive than in 2005 or even in 2006. Nevertheless, not everything is as easy as it was before – consumers say yes to brands but they are more critical towards the believability of quality promises.
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