Branding for Good News - Issue 12

12 May 2008|Added Value

bfg_header_issue_12  Welcome to Issue 12 of News, Added Value’s newsletter on ethical marketing.

Labelling was in the spotlight for May; Hewlett-Packard unveiled their Eco-Highlights label which includes energy saving tips; whilst UK retailer giant Tesco, in conjunction with Carbon Trust, is trialling carbon reduction labels on 20 products across four different categories ranging from orange juice to light bulbs.

Global brand GE announced that sales revenue figures for its Ecomagination products stood at over $14 billion in 2007. Maintaining their sustainable leadership, they have pledged to cut global water usage by 20% within the next 4 years.  

Last month, we incorrectly suggested that Greenpeace’s recent Palm Oil campaign had directly resulted in Unilever’s announcement to support the moratorium on rainforest deforestation. The timing of Unilever’s announcement to use only fully traceable palm oil by 2015 was fortuitous for Greenpeace, however Unilever’s ‘behind the scenes’ journey had started back in 2002. Working with WWF, plantation owners and other commercial users, the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) has worked together to devise production standards for the natural resource.

Drivers of Change
Our research shows that increased awareness of environmental and ethical issues is translating into consumer purchasing behaviour. Savvy brands are offering innovative solutions, but just by the fact that a brand has offered a solution at this point in time then raises consumer’s expectations once they engage. Marie Ridgley, Added Value, stresses the need to acknowledge the five key drivers of change that connect brands and consumers in a virtuous circle. Read more…

Being lean and green
With the current economic downturn, will large corporations keep up the Corporate Responsibility momentum?  We asked Jo Fox, Head of Environment at BSkyB, how sustainability makes economic and environmental sense. Read more …

Eco Innovations
Entrepreneurs and big brands innovating for a sustainable future. Take a look …

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