BfG News Issue 13 - Eco Innovations

13 Jun 2008|Added Value

net2Licensed to recycle LittleEarth car-parts handbags are a real fashion statement!  License plates are joined either end with chrome edging & toped off with recycled rubber strap.  But it’s the detail that makes any girl want one – crystallized twist knob closure & lined with velvet, bringing desirability together with sustainability. 




 Bio Pod – Sole prizewinner in the Domestic Greenclean category, the Bio Pod is a kitchen-top waste processor that treats kitchen waste ready for composting. Designed by Jonathan Fenton, a student at Loughborough University, the Pod uses a nifty ionisation process, which creates a hygienic, bacteria and odour free environment that encourages the user to recycle organic waste without the need to empty on a daily basis. And it looks good…

net4(2)Dance Energy – Glastonbury fans in the UK experienced Orange’s new prototype The Dance Charge, a kinetic energy portable phone charger that straps to revelers biceps whilst they dance. Developed with renewable energy firm Gotwind and currently just in prototype form, it weighs just 180 grams and measures 4¼ x 2½ inches—about the same size as a pack of cards and the same weight as a mobile phone.


net3(1)Big Brand Upcycling – Kraft Foods has become the first major multi-category corporation to enter into a recycling partnership with TerraCycle in the US. In line with this partnership, schools and community groups will collect wrappers from Balance energy bars, Oreos and Chips Ahoy! cookies and Capri Sun beverage pouches. The wrappers and pouches collected will be used for making umbrellas, shower curtains and purses. 


netOn tap Design agency Provokateur, in association with Belu Water has just launched ‘ethical venture’ Tap, which promotes tap water by associating it with bottled mineral water.  Tap’s self-designed products consist of ‘do-it-yourself’ bottle labels intended to cover the labels of branded mineral water bottles and encourage consumers to re-fill from the mains water supply and reuse the bottle up to 10 times. A Tap-branded refillable plastic water bottle is due to launch in the autumn.

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