Branding for Good News Issue 14

14 Jul 2008|Added Value

bfg_header_issue_14 Welcome to Issue 14 of News, Added Value’s newsletter on ethical marketing.

The headlines for July are still being dominated by the credit crunch.  Escalating fuel, energy and food prices add woe to a troubled economy and point ominously to a global recession. The silver lining for consumers and businesses should be that sustainable measures can save money, as well as the environment. A recent analysis of the world’s most ethical companies conducted by Ethisphere showed that they consistently outperform the S&P 500.

Greenwash allegations have hit UK’s ‘greener than thou’ smoothie manufacturer Innocent, showing that the digital space necessitates companies and brands to be as truthful and transparent as possible. Whilst the EU is proposing mandatory eco-labeling,  there is concern that these labels raise more confusion for consumers. We explore this debate in more detail below.

The Branding for Good team are off for a well-deserved ‘low carbon’ holiday and will be back refreshed for a September NEWS issue. Have a great summer!

The Green label
Research we conducted amongst UK consumers revealed that the household appliances sector was at the top of the most responsible list, most likely because of the EU energy rating system.  This label, which is easy to read and interpret, is sending out positive signals to consumers about the household appliance industry’s commitment to reducing energy consumption. There is no shortage of information on green or social initiatives in other sectors too. But who should consumers believe?  Do renowned brands have enough consumer trust to make stand-alone claims?  Leslie Pascaud, Added Value Europe, explores. Read more …

Carbon Reduction labels
As part of the recent Climate Change Bill, the Government aims to reduce the UK’s CO2 emissions by at least 60% by 2050. For this to happen, businesses and their consumers have a key part to play.  Peter Hambly, Director, Marketing & Communications at The Carbon Trust gives us his view on their Carbon Reduction Label. Read more …

Eco Innovations
Entrepreneurs and big brands innovating for a sustainable future. Take a look …

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