BfG News Issue 14 - Eco Innovations

14 Jul 2008|Added Value



Consumer Engagement Aveda have launched their Recycle Caps program within salons, schools and retail outlets in the US.  The tops will be broken down and remolded into new tops for the limited edition retro Clove shampoo to be launched in September. The shampoo’s bottle will also include 96 % post-consumer recycled content.
Dell-HybridsHybrid PC Dell has launched their new line, Studio Hybrid, which sports a roundish shape and is finished with bamboo, quartz and sapphire.  Not only do they look good, they also claim70% less energy use than standard PCs and are 80% smaller. Moreover, the packing materials for the PCs are 30% the weight of the average and are 95% recyclable.
ZAHAEco-design statement – Zaha Hadid, famous international architect has teamed up with Brazilian company, Melissa Shoes to design a pair of rubber shoes. Hadid is more famous for projects like the proposed Olympic swimming pool for the 2012 London games, but equally lends her design extravagance to more humble attire. The “plastic” shoes are made via injection molds, of a special material, melflex, a mono-material which can be disassembled and recycled.


ecocabFree Eco taxis when next visiting the sites of Dublin, jump into a free pedal-powered tricycle (seats 3 passengers) for emissions-free transit through the city streets. Ecocabs offer short-distance travel within the Dublin city centre from 10 am to 7 pm, seven days a week. Current sponsors include 7Up, Yoplait and KPMG.



Holidays for good –  with the holiday season upon us, we like how Hands Up Holidays combines eco-sightseeing with a meaningful taste of volunteering.  The accommodation is upmarket and the volunteering can be tailor-made to suit, generally 4 days out of a 14 day trip. Not enough time to save the world, but sufficient to make a positive impact, rub shoulders with the local people, and have your worldview challenged.

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