Branding for Good News Issue 15

15 Sep 2008|Added Value

bfg_header_issue_15  Welcome to Issue 15 of News,  Added Value’s newsletter on ethical marketing.

There’s no denying that September has been dominated by global financial mayhem, dimming the prospects for a strong global pact to fight climate change. Nicolas Stern warned the UK Government of the dangers of letting the world economic turmoil block action to build a low-carbon economy, whilst the UN urged for a low-carbon diet for climate stability.

Will the economic recession force sustainability issues off the marketing agenda for your organisation?  Join our poll or tell us what you think.

The Chinese government are showing commitment to their blue skies policy following the unprecedented air quality during the Olympic Games in August, by extending their ‘odds and evens’ car restriction campaign. Whilst PepsiCo’s subsidiary, Frito-Lay in the US, have estimated their corporate-wide manufacturing reduction goals over the last 10 years will have saved $55 million this year on water and energy. Google are keeping to their mission statement of ‘providing access to all’ by launching ‘commitment to sustainable computing’ which gives inside tips of how their operations use 5 times less energy than ordinary data operations.

Global brands Speedo and Estee Lauder embrace sustainable packaging whilst UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s lead the way with compostable packaging for wet products.

Entering into a sustainable dialogue with your consumers
Two key components to concentrate on for your brand’s survival in these uncertain times are value and brand experience.  We believe sustainability can deliver on both. But to achieve this Holy Grail, brands need to find that elusive “sweet spot” where the brands’ values, value proposition and sustainability strategy overlap.  Marie Ridgley, Added Value, explains…

Product road-mapping to drive sustainability
All products, from ice cream to carpets, have a story to tell that starts from the natural environment: a mine, forest, field or sea. Professor Alan Knight, Commissioner, Sustainable Development Commission shares with us his belief that products have an untapped potential to help address pressing environmental and social challenges. Read more…

Eco Innovations
Entrepreneurs and big brands innovating for a sustainable future. Take a look …

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