BfG News Issue 16 - Eco Innovations

16 Oct 2008|Added Value

OvettoRecycling bin Ovetto –  When should a bin not look like a bin? When interior designer Gianluca Soldi designs a recycling egg. An eco statement for those who want to show off their “green” engagement.” And it’s made of recycled polypropylene.




smartClean-vertising – GreenGraffiti creates advertising on dirty city streets and walls using the clean, green power of plain water. Armed with just a template and a high-pressure water sprayer, the company has “cleaned” advertising messages out of the dirt on behalf of clients including Elle, Telfort and Universal Music. No paper, no ink, no printing process—GreenGraffiti’s ads are completely carbon-neutral.



gleegumHalloween Candies In addition to only using natural sugar, colours and flavourings in Glee Gum candies, the ‘chewiness’ comes from natural chicle sap from the rainforest-grown Sapodilla tree. Harvested in a non-invasive way from rainforest communities in Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala to support their local economies. All the ingredients can be traced on their website.



cometRecycled skateboards – The Comet Coffee Table crosses skate decks together to give strength and a unique look. The sleek design of the glass with the decks makes it perfect for a living room. Skate Study House products are designed and handcrafted in California using recycled/2nd hand products and materials.



worldofgoodEco e-Market – eBay has just launched “the world’s first online marketplace to convene thousands of People Positive and Eco Positive sellers and products all in one place”, The venture is a partnership with World of Good, Inc., whose mission is to ‘build bridges between marginalized artisans and consumers looking for socially responsible products’.

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