Branding for Good News Issue 16

16 Oct 2008|Added Value

bfg_header_issue_16  Welcome to Issue 16 of News,  Added Value’s newsletter on ethical marketing.

October sees an increasing shift for consumers and businesses alike towards money saving strategies.  Advocates of “eco-nomics” state that the global financial crisis is an opportunity to redefine the conventional measures of wealth such as GDP & GNP to incorporate the value of ‘natural capital’. For some, being ‘green’ has made it cool to be cheap.

With the relative price of petrol still high, early research points to consumers taking a more sustainable approach to driving to get more miles to their gallon. Auto manufacturers are educating consumers too with in-car communication devices. Fiat has Ecodrive, Nissan has the EcoPedal, and in the UK, eco-driving is now part of all driving tests. 

Following the success of their Considered Design back in 1995, Nike are launching a new collection of shoes, shirts and jackets for Spring 2009 developed with the principles of reducing waste, eliminating toxic substances and using environmentally preferred materials.

The greening of US Politics
With an historic win for President Barack Obama this week, expectations run high that the next 4 years will show marked progress towards refocusing and redirecting policies related to energy, climate change, the environment and social responsibility.  Joanne McDonough, Sr. Vice President, Added Value North America explores what this means for consumers and brands.  Read more…

Building a brand and a movement
How do you start a movement that drives the political will to solve the climate crisis?  We asked Brian Hardwick of The Alliance for Climate Protection for his views on how to make both sides of the marketing equation work. Read more… 

Entrepreneurs and big brands innovating for a sustainable future.  Take a look…

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