The Economic Tidalwave Brings Trends. (Also, lipstick. Beachcombers befuddled.)

27 Oct 2008|Leah Hunter

Friend and fellow brand strategist, Matthew Fenton, just wrote an excellent blog about what brands can do to surf this economic tidal wave. I come at the question from a slightly different angle – looking at what consumer trends will be on the upswing as things get tighter. (Opportunities, people! The glass is half full.)

Here are a few trends I see:

All things nostalgic – These are objects and experiences that remind people of happier, simpler times. (Whether or not such a time ever actually existed.) Based my gut—and on interviews I conducted this week with high-level restaurant-industry management and insiders—I predict that this will include things literally warm- and or fuzzy– though the latter, obviously, does not apply to food. Think: Textiles with softer textures. More organic, round shapes in home furnishings. A continuation of the handmade trend that drives sites like Etsy. Comfort foods like soup and mac n’ cheese.

Bargain beauty – Low-cost beauty items have been a loose economic indicator since World War II. Even the New York Times noted, when times get tight, lipstick sales go up. People need small pick-me-ups, and self-beautification is one of the simplest. I’m buying nail polish stock now.

More to come. Stay tuned…

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