Branding for Good News Issue 17

17 Dec 2008|Added Value

Welcome to Issue 17 of News,  Added Value’s newsletter on sustainable marketing.

As 2008 draws to an eventful close, there are promising signs that the sustainable movement will continue its momentum for 2009. Barack Obama has picked an energy team that includes Steven Chu, a Nobel Laureate committed to tackling global warming and Carol Browner, former legislative director to Al Gore — a clear sign that once inaugurated, Obama will move quickly on climate change legislation. 

Here in the UK, the UK Climate Change Bill has been given Royal Assent, making it the first piece of global legislation to set binding targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 60% by 2050. Going one step further, the Scottish Government’s proposed Climate Change Bill will include international aviation and shipping within its targets, as well as emissions from all six greenhouse gases, not just carbon dioxide. 

The ‘Branding for Good’ team predict that sustainability will remain part of the marketing mix in 2009, with more promotions around energy saving = money saving; water conservation (coined as blue gold) will be high on the agenda as consumers are already pre-sensitized; social fairness and local sourcing will tap into the economic climate whilst services and exchanges will continue to replace product sales (car sharing, house swaps, on-line product rentals etc).

Sustainable Innovation
So, how should brands deliver against these consumer expectations? Kristy Richards, Added Value looks at how marketers should view sustainability as an exciting challenge to tackle head on. Brand innovation at its best has always been about satisfying consumer needs and changing consumer behaviour – and this is absolutely the task for sustainable innovation. Read more …

Innovation Challenge
There’s an urgent need for new approaches, new products and services, to tackle climate change, and Forum for the Future has teamed up with The Financial Times and HP to unleash the power of innovation by launching a global competition. Martin Wright, Editor in Chief of Green Futures gives us his views on the entrepreneurs who are already combining creativity and green innovation, and making a profit in the process. Read more …

Entrepreneurs and big brands innovating for a sustainable future.  Take a look…

The Added Value team would like to thank you for your support this year and wish you a peaceful and, of course, sustainable seasons greetings!

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