Memes of meaning

07 Jan 2009|Darrel Rhea

It’s always satisfying when one’s work is acknowledged and spreads within a community. Since writing Making Meaning with Steve Diller and Nathan Shedroff, the ideas we put forward have been widely embraced.

We’ve had dozens of positive reviews, with scores of articles and books referencing or quoting our book. One good example is how Pine and Gilmore’s new book, Authenticity, acknowledged our definitional work on Meaning. Additionally, Making Meaning is being taught in academic institutions around the world. Plus, a useful summary of the book just came out on Julio Terra’s blog on Learning Interaction and Experience Design.

Many US and international conferences have focused on meaning, and we have spoken at many (but certainly not all) of these. Look for the upcoming IDSA conference this year that will focus on Meaning and Design. There is even a design company in Oslo that named itself after ideas the book. Probably more gratifying to me is how often I read blogs and articles that refer to the ideas indirectly. This demonstrates to me that the importance of creating authentically meaningful experiences for people has become embedded in the discourse with the Design and Marketing communities. It’s now foundational. Nice. It is another example of how ideas can spread and change conversations in a very short period of time, and it is very fun to be a part of it.

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