Branding for Good News - Issue 19

19 Mar 2009|Added Value

bfg_header_issue_21  Welcome to News, Added Value’s newsletter on sustainable marketing.

With spring comes a flurry of green activity; from startups like Green Irene (home eco-consultants) and Green Groove (action-plan for sustainable lifestyle); to Oxfam recruiting the help of Green Grannies; and Timberland’s new partnership with Green Rubber utilising new R&D technology to  market a ‘green’ shoe for the same price as conventional lines. Consumers are still seeking green leadership from brands.  Four out of five Americans say they are still buying green products and services whilst two thirds of British consumers said their concern over environmental issues remains the same as last year.

Financial reports support this consumer commitment. Philips’ Green Products range attributed to 25% of total sales for 2008 – a 5% increase from 2007 figures. With 91 new products, 72% more than the previous year, this boost in sales brings them one step closer to their target –  30% of total sales from Green Products by 2012.

Tackling the Issues
Regulation (the fourth R) is moving up the Eco Agenda. The European Commission has threatened to force mobile phone manufacturers to produce a “one size fits all” charger for all mobile phones. Whilst in the US, the extended producer responsibility (EPR) policy is gaining traction in California, Oregon and Canada. Similar to the European WEEE directive, this policy will require manufacturers to incorporate the costs of collection, recycling and managing product waste into the price of the product.  Marie Ridgley, Added Value, explores how brands have the opportunity to resonate most with consumers, affect consumer behaviour change and gain leadership in the process by tackling either a brand or category issue head on.  Read more…

Social and Economic Fairness
Retail sales of Fairtrade products in the UK have risen to a record high of £700m as companies like confectionary giant Cadbury get behind the certification label. We asked Barbara Crowther, Director of Communications and Policy at the Fairtrade Foundation to share with us their ambitious five-year strategy for the UK. Read more…

Eco Innovations
We share our pick of entrepreneurs and big brands innovating for a sustainable future. Take a look…

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