BfG News Issue 19 - Eco Innovations

19 Mar 2009|Added Value

Charger-less – Trialing new ways to reduce energy and waste, Nokia has brought out the N79 Eco model which comes minus phone charger in smaller box with a donation to WWF for every unit sold.

 Guilt-free cruising – Sustainable luxury with a zero carbon footprint, this yacht has all the must-have gadgets like Bose surround sound and HDTV all powered by solar & wind.

Retro chic –  salvaged from London’s Underground and Bus seats then reformed into Limited Edition trainers, these are a must-have.


Design Week Winner – AlertMe scoops first prize for their monitoring system. Using wireless mobile phone and broadband technology, it  not only monitors energy consumption but automatically reduces it -saving up to 20% on energy bills.

 Eco 2.0 – Dutch creative agency Spranq’s new font extends the life of ink cartridges and toner by using 20% less ink & is downloadable free.

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