BfG News Issue 20 - Eco Innovations

20 May 2009|Added Value

  Nostalgia eco-style – UK supermarket chain Waitrose are trialing delivery of online groceries using pedal power. The bicycle and trailer can hold six trays of groceries and keep products frozen and chilled for up to two hours.

Air flush – innovative plumbing technology that promises to slash the amount of water used by conventional toilets by 84%. Developed by London-based Phoenix Product Development, the toilet proto-type requires just 1.35 litres of water per flush, compared to the 9.2 litres used by conventional toilets.

Eco BBQ – just in time for Summer. Sologear’s uGO FlameDisk is an eco-friendly grilling option using solid ethanol as its fuel source which produces 99% less carbon monoxide than charcoal does. For die-hard fans of charcoal-grilled flavour, there’s even a “Smoker Plate” available to recreate that taste. (spotted by
  Zero Impact – newly refurbished SEA LIFE London Aquarium ran an advertising campaign using the talents of natural media company CURB and salt water. Other CURB talents include sand sculpture and clean advertising (we highlighted this in our October issue). Check out their portfolio

GreenFill – Sony Electronics has added recycling kiosks at more than 80 retailers in the US as part of their goal to accept a pound of recycled electronics for every pound it produces. Consumers can recycle all small electrical items (not just Sony branded) including cameras, rechargeable batteries, small laptops, cell phones and portable gaming devices.

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