Grab a mop. Make it shine.

18 Jun 2009|Leah Hunter

I was in Houston a few months ago doing a brand experience workshop with Added Value. I always get into great conversations at these things, and this one was no exception. One of the participants told me a lesson her grandfather taught her when she was 10. He said, “No matter how high you rise in this world, you’re never too high to go back and clean a toilet.”

That feels like a lesson everybody can learn from – companies, people. It’s one that rings true to me. My Mama was a janitor for awhile. She also loaded boxcars, taught high school, got a master’s degree, was a feminist pioneer, and sparkles in my eyes an outstanding example of accomplishment and determination. She showed me that sometimes it’s necessary to kick off the pretty heels, lean your shoulder into it, and just get the job done.


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