Branding for Good News - Issue 21

21 Jul 2009|Added Value

bfg_header_issue_21  Welcome to Issue 21 of News, Added Value’s newsletter on sustainable marketing.

Here in the UK, the Marketing Society’s May Day Alliance is on a mission to tackle ‘green’ terminology. Marketers were tasked to develop simpler ways to talk to consumers about green. Take a look at their suggestions and cast your vote.

But we’re not quite sure what affect Deutsche Bank’s real time, scientifically valid, 70ft tall, carbon-neutral digital carbon counter will have on New Yorker’s walking down 7th Avenue but they claim “it’s a world’s first”!

Catching global attention are all things that go ‘moo’. Paul McCartney, Yoko Ono and Moby stepped out together to launch the UK’s Meat-free Mondays campaign. Over in Belgium, the city of Ghent has declared that public officials and school kids are to take a one-day holiday from meat eating each week. Whilst Brazilian leather has been struck off the supplier list for Nike, Timberland and adidas.  

The 2009 ImagePower Top Green Brands, has been published by some of our WPP colleagues, listing the ten greenest brands, as perceived by local consumers, in Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, UK and the US. It also indicates that consumers from all seven countries plan to spend more money on green products in the coming year.

Editor’s Column
So with consumers optimistic on buying more sustainably, how are brands placed to deliver? We conducted a series of depth interviews amongst 15 of our global clients and partners in FMCG, retail and the service industry. Our results show promise but there is no denying that the recession has changed the rules of the game. Read more…

The Expert’s View
Reflecting on Lipton Tea’s commitment to sustainable initiatives, Romain Deveze, Lipton Brand Development – Sustainability team , shares with us their journey to date and their expansion across the United States with the Rainforest Alliance certified seal. Take a look…

Eco Innovations
Check out our pick of the latest from around the world. Take a look…

The team here at Branding for Good HQ is off now for some summer relaxation, and we’ll be using Good Guide’s iphone app to find out what toxins are in our sun cream before we go.

We’ll be back in the Autumn with more News and a new look newsletter so enjoy the summer – sustainably we hope.

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