Bfg News Issue 21 - Eco Innovations

21 Jul 2009|Added Value

  Cardboard Crunches – Waste. What is it good for? Sainsbury’s think ‘absolutely nothing’, which is why they’re getting rid of cardboard boxes on their own-brand cereal and replacing them with plastic pockets.

No end to Knoend – Sainsbury’s changed their packaging materials, Knoend abolished them altogether. The new Lite2go incorporates the packaging of the lamp into the product itself. What seems like a container box is in fact the lamp shade!


Holey Orange Wheel Batman! – Yokohama, have developed a tire, made with oils extracted from orange peels. These zesty tires will now also be made with 80% less petroleum materials.

Müv that box – Ever wondered whether you could turn a shipping container into a restaurant in 90 seconds? In Montreal, you’ll find just that. However, Müvbox isn’t just a recycled container, it relies on Solar power and has a floor made out of old tires. Sustainable, check!

  Flower Power – 18ft high flower sculptures give you a seat in the sun, charge your laptop/phone & surf the web with solar-powered WiFi. Oh and also promote the optional Solar Roof for the new 3rd generation Toyota Prius.

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