Innovation Inspiration: 5 Innovation Reads & 5 Branding Reads

09 Aug 2009|Added Value

CEO Added Value FranceThis month, as everybody heads to the beach here in France, we’ve put together the 10 must-read Innovation and Branding books to help you refresh your mind.


The New Age of Innovation: Driving Co-Created Value Through Global Networks, by Prahalad and Krishnan

To spur growth, you have to focus on accessing a global network of resources to co-create unique experiences with consumers.

Market Rebels: How Activists Make Or Break Radical Innovations, by Havagreeva Rao

The untold story of economic change is the role of social movements in either promoting or suppressing innovations.
The Silver Lining, by Scott Anthony

“The scarcity that is sure to result from the current economic climate is actually a good thing for innovation.”
The Game-Changer, by Lafley and Charan

Best practice learnings from P&G’s CEO: getting in tune with consumer culture as a basis for consumer-centric innovation.
Groundswell, by Li and Bernoff

How companies use social media to create, promote and share new ideas.

The Brand Bubble: The Looming Crisis In Brand Value And How To Avoid It, by Gerzema and LeBar

How the forces of social media and consumer power are re-shaping the meaning and value of brands.
Survive, Exploit, Disrupt: Action Guidelines For Marketing In A Recession, by Steidl

Exploring the strategic options in an unpredictable, rapidly changing environment.
The Luxury Strategy: Breaking The Rules Of Marketing To Build Luxury Brands, by Kapferer and Bastien

Dissecting the luxury concept and defining the counter-intuitive rules for luxury marketing.
Obsessive Branding Disorder: The Illusion Of Business And The Business Of Illusion, by Conley

Objecting to companies’ tendency to value branding style over substance and innovation.
The Global Brand: How To Create And Develop Lasting Brand Value In The World Market, by Hollis

A thorough analysis of brand strength and the future of brand-building as a profitable investment.
By Jonathan Hall, CEO Added Value France

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