The Zoetrope Project

22 Aug 2009|Leigh Marinner

People at University of Washington are doing some really cool work with data visualization. (I saw more of it at the FiRe –Future in Review- conference.) Take a look at this video of the Zoetrope Project. It allows users to go back in time on web pages and analyze the data. The example on the video shows how you can go back in time and track gas prices and link them to news events happening at the time. As a person who loves to analyze data, I find this incredibly cool.

It’s amazing what individual people develop on the web. It once again reinforces the belief that the ecosystem works much more efficiently that a command and control/top down approach. No one company could have thought of all the great iPhone apps. And it’s no surprise that a spectacular data analysis app like the Zoetrope project came from an independent party. We live in a wonderful world.

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