Words Move Me

25 Aug 2009|Leigh Marinner

As the discussion of whether Twitter is a waste of time rages on, the genre is evolving in ways that show it can be useful. Words Move Me, a new Twitter-like site from Sony built to market the new Sony Reader, is a micro-messaging network centered around sharing quotes from books. As a voracious reader, I love this idea. There are many nights I am reading in bed and come across a wonderful quote which I will forget by the time my book group meets, or won’t remember accurately enough to share with friends in casual conversation. It’s like music – sharing is half the enjoyment. But it’s much harder to do with books. I love giving books to my friends, but that doesn’t help me share the parts I loved the most.

And I do find Twitter useful. The research shows that somewhat less than half the traffic is junk, but I’m not reading that anyway. (eMarketer found that 40% of traffic was pointless babble, and conversational or pass-along tweets were around 50%.) I don’t automatically follow people just because they follow me. I look at what they’re writing, and follow them if it interests me. My tweets are all about consumer and mobile phone technology and I follow people from whom I learn interesting things. I’m much more current on what is happening in my areas of interest than I was a few months ago before I started actively participating on Twitter and FriendFeed.

FriendFeed is actually better for two reasons. First, you can thread the conversations so they are easier to follow. And second, you can write more than 140 characters. Twitter’s 140 character limit may be good if you’re letting friends know you just let the cat out, but it doesn’t work well if you’re discussing a new website and why it’s cool.

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