Müllermilch case study: more than just milk

01 Sep 2009|Added Value

Müllermilch is the original flavoured milk. The brand which made milk popular again. Definitely with kids. And even among adults.

But brand success isn’t child’s play. A busier category has seen Müller come up against a number of big challenges. And brands need to keep moving to stay alive!

Müller has asked us to share the journey. Whether it be segmentation, innovation , copy and brand health development, or anything in between, Müller has trusted us to come up with the goods.

So when a few years ago, Müller launched a highly compact, podgy bottle to sit on a shelf filled with slim and delicate competitor packaging, they came to us to measure the success. We also recorded its impact on sales through sales modelling.

And with flavours too. Whether it’s chocolate with chilli, pistachio or hazelnut, with new and seasonal flavours on offer, the brand is always up to date. And Icon Added Value is there to test, monitor and advise on the market’s reaction.

Communication for Müllermilch is an investment in and of itself. It’s not easy to target advertising for Müllermilch. This is because Müllermilch is also a synonym for the Müller brand, and therefore for other sub-brands and product lines in the Müller portfolio. But Müllermilch swept past this barrier too. With the “moo in a bottle”, a campaign was created, which was both appealing and powerful. And it has managed to have a “plus” – an audible brand signal has been established. We are monitoring this development with Ad Plus, Ad Trek and Sales Modelling.

The latest news from Müllermilch is “Trimmy”, pure milk in a small bottle. A healthy drink for kids on-the-go. The idea came from one of our Market Chess projects for Müller. A brand structuring and consumer segmentation analysis for refrigerated drinks. We’re currently accompanying the launch with a ‘Trimmy Campaign’ for 100 preschools in Germany, where kids can win high quality sports equipment. Trimmy even has something to offer the big kids. The Trimmy sports courses in cities keep everyone moving.

How successful is it? We’re already there checking that out!

A new bottle, original new flavours, and a novel advertising concept – the “moo in a bottle” – means that Müllermilch is on the up again. And we’ve been a proud part of the brand’s vibrancy.

How did we Add Value?
We built a trusted relationship with Müller over time. We used our experience and their passion to help keep the brand relevant, fresh and constantly ‘moooo’ving.

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