Deka Investment GmBH case study: no.1 right from the start

05 Sep 2009|Added Value

At the end of the 1990s, it became necessary for the “Sparkassen Finanzgruppe” to realign its ‘own brand’ investment fund, so as not to surrender future market opportunities to the competition.

Given the enormous growth expectations in the German investment fund market, the management decided on the creation of a completely new investment fund brand: ‘Deka Investmentfonds’. This naturally entailed a high level of investment but also facilitated the chance for attractive and independent positioning.

We acted as their key partner on the branding and marketing strategy. With extensive market segmentation, we defined the positioning scope of the new brand (PULL). The SWOT analysis, along with broad surveying of the business partner ‘Sparkasse’, provided the cornerstones for the PUSH strategy.

Building on this we supported Deka throughout the implementation of the new marketing strategy and further development of the brand. And we continue to oversee communication performance today.

Just two years after launch, ‘Deka’ was the highest value investment fund brand in Germany in terms of emotional brand value, brand awareness and brand preference. Even with the challenge posed by tougher market conditions, the brand continues to develop and profit from its positioning.

How did we Add Value?
We helped “Sparkassen Finanzgruppe” to create a new investment fund brand and supporting strategy that could successfully ride the wave of market groth and weathered the subsequent market storms.

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