Netia case study: Dumping the pinstripes

18 Sep 2009|Added Value

Telecommunications is a serious business, but being serious doesn’t mean you have to be boring. Netia, a Polish telecommunications brand, needed to dump the pin stripes to attract the home market.

Netia was a straightforward business telecoms provider. It was seen as being small and unexciting. But they planned to become an internet provider for the home market.

This meant they faced a serious need to refresh their brand. While still maintaining their reputation as a business provider. In shaking off their old and dusty image it was vital not to scare off the customers that they already had.

So we suggested ‘freedom of choice’ as the basis for a new positioning.

Firstly. The new positioning set up Netia as a challenger and the ‘only real alternative’ to Telekomunikacja Polska, an old communist brand, now owned by France Telecom.

Secondly. It allowed Netia to provide added flexibility and new services.

And last but not least. The positioning, based on values and strong emotional connotations, was rich, inspiring and engaging. Both for external and internal communication purposes.

The new Netia visual identity and logotype became more dynamic – transparent, friendly and open – and up-to-date without being cold or technological.

Following the changes in the identity, the communication style has become daring and different, shifting towards freshness and a light, intelligent humour. With a touch of boldness and surprise.

How did we Add Value?
We helped style an engaging and inspiring positioning for all company activities. From product and R&D to communications. And helped shape a new, more dynamic and flexible company culture.

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