RSVP case study: Looking after lonely hearts

18 Sep 2009|Added Value

It’s a bit of a zoo out there they claim. David Attenborough would say it’s the survival of the fittest. Just let nature run its course.

But these days nature’s not listening, she’s off having a bit of fun elsewhere. No church group to pop into, no first dance at the disco. And supermarket singles nights’ lack a bit of romance.

A pretty confronting place for any animal, unless you’re a dating shark. Well RSVP knew the dating sharks were already looked after. A younger crowd playing one big playing field. It was some of the other species that needed a closer look.

A helping hand for the older folk. The ladies – once bitten, twice shy. The men – a few Casanovas, but a few had never been kissed.

The brief was written. Create a compelling place for Baby Boomers. An online space that would be a match made in heaven. And be sure we make some dollars along the way.

It was time to get up, close and deeply personal. We heard tales of love forsaken and love that had disappeared from a beaten track. Some 60-year-olds still looking for ‘the one’, others fearing the idea of no one.

The cliché might be ‘there are plenty more fish in the sea’. But as one of our wise men said, “All we’re left with is the carp and eels, and the bait is a bit old and smelly now.”

Cynical and cautious.

It was pretty clear that they needed handling with care, confidence to put themselves on the line. Wine, dine and schmooze.

They needed new products and service initiatives that would help them along the way. Social events that mirrored natural mingling rather than dating. A warmer feel, and a less transactional in tone. The rules of dating redefined, RSVP took on a more nurturing role.

How did we Add Value?
We immersed ourselves in their hearts and minds. Put ourselves in those dating shoes, and realised they were quite uncomfortable when it came down to it.

Nathan Moyes, Product Director of Fairfax Digital said:

“Added Value arrived with an excitement and commitment to our brand. We wanted to better understand the motivations and the potential of the different customers we had and better understand where we could deliver more.

“This was critical to the support of our strategic plans in terms of products and services as well as the essential financial outcomes.

“Added Value’s methodology was clearly defined and rather than leaving us to plug it together they mobilised our expertise and knowledge to create a series of detailed and insightful research programmes that have delivered for us what we needed. Added Value’s enthusiasm and passion for our brands made a challenging experience both engaging and successful.”

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