Semiotics at AV-Stratosfera

01 Oct 2009|Added Value

AV-Stratosfera* Semiotics works in cooperation with anthropologists from the renowned Polish Academy of Sciences. The project engages a rotating panel of anthropologists of varied background and fields of specialization; language, art, structure and contemporary studies.

The Panel is an extension of AV-Stratosfera’s semiotic offer and has been uses several times either as a part of larger strategic projects or as a stand-alone analysis of a specific topic. The new method is popular among FMCG clients and especially favoured by the food sector. Long-term, the method may be a good source of information about cultural shifts in Poles’ everyday habits and lifestyle.

Based on several first meetings of the panel, AV-Stratosfera Semiotics is preparing a report concerning changes in Polish celebrations, feasts, eating habits as well as kitchen, cooking and eating.

Published in Media & Marketing Polska

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