Santander case study: revving up sponsorship

18 Oct 2009|Added Value

When your ambition is to become a Top 10 global bank, then riding in the slipstream of the McLaren F1 racing team makes intuitive sense. But does it make financial sense?

Since 2004 Santander has expanded across more than ten countries. In 2007, to raise brand awareness, they decided to put their foot on the accelerator and sponsor the McLaren Formula 1 team. They wanted to be sure that this investment would fast-track them to success.

We surveyed bank customers throughout Europe and Latin America. We discovered how the sponsorship had changed their brand perception. With this information we were able to make a clear recommendation – that the sponsorship had been immensely valuable for the brand, and that they should maintain it.

This ability to assess the success of this sponsorship secured their support of further sponsorship opportunities. They are now launching a sponsorship campaign for football in Latin America.

How did we Add Value?
We tracked the connection between the sponsorship and consumers’ view of the brand. And gave Santander the drive to support more sponsorship opportunities.

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