Volvo CE case study: building strong industrial brands

01 Dec 2009|Added Value

In 2001, Volvo Construction Equipment (VCE) was an unplanned collection of both Volvo and other acquired brands, including Zettelmeyer, Clark, Samsung Heavy Equipment and Champion.

But industrial brand management is more than selling a range of products. A custom-built brand approach can increase the overall success of a company.

So VCE management decided to centralise their marketing. And construct a new global brand positioning.

Our mission was to find a distinct global brand positioning for VCE. But we had no blueprints. No information was available on the status of the brand, its competitors or what might drive future success.

We started with analysing the status of major construction equipment brands in key markets. The insight uncovered the differentiating brand drivers – the foundations for a solid brand positioning. The construction equipment industry is not exactly famous for its caring personality. But sometimes a problem genuinely is “an opportunity in disguise”.

In cooperation with VCE and their advertising agency, the new positioning ‘More care. Built in.’ was cemented.

As with any strategy, it was important to get to the right execution. We pre-tested print advertising and sales material before they were implemented. And based on further research in areas like Europe, South America and Asia, a country specific shaping of the global positioning was assembled.

The hard work paid off. The VCE brand developed positively along with market share. The new global marketing organisation, brand positioning and advertising activities led to significant savings in the marketing budget.

Since the first phase of our partnership with VCE we have monitored the brand’s development. We’ve interviewed decision-makers in more than 20 nations around the globe. And measuring and optimising the effectiveness of the VCE brand in the context of trade fairs and customer events has helped the business develop a strong brand.

And a strong brand makes the difference, even in the tough business-to-business environment of construction.

How did we Add Value?
We partnered with the Volvo Construction Equipment businesses to draw up plans for a new way of positioning, aligning and marketing their brands. And helped them build a solid foundation for success.

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