Added Value’s Digital Strategist Speaks Out: Q&A with Peter Brine

21 Dec 2009|Added Value

Peter Brine, Group Digital StrategistAdded Value is pleased to welcome Peter Brine to our global team as Senior Vice President, Group Digital Strategist. In this newly created position, Peter will be focused on leading the creation, design and implementation of digital-oriented solutions to help solve marketing problems for our world-class clients.

We asked Peter to share some of his own expert insights. Here’s what he had to say.

What do you see as one of the biggest challenges facing marketers in the digital realm?

The biggest challenge facing marketers is the sheer volume of different places a marketer has to be in order to reach their audience. A lot has been said about the fragmentation of traditional media and the challenges this presents. Digital increases this complexity exponentially and what used to be “that digital stuff we need to figure out” has become our client’s everyday reality.

What remains central to success is starting with a sparkling insight, transformed into a creative idea that transcends mediums and platforms. And then, a sense for how that idea should play out in different digital environments. On-line, business performance metrics are more predictable and measurable, and marketers now also get immediate feedback on their efforts from the audience that matters most – consumers, but it is still imperative for marketers to understand the impact of their efforts on the brands they manage.

Digital changes what we at Added Value do as well. We must monitor and engage consumers in more channels and with new ways of asking questions if our insights are to remain relevant. However, the new digital tools that we have added to our traditional arsenal of quantitative, qualitative and ethnographic techniques make us far more effective and valuable partners for our clients.

Are there emerging areas of opportunity or technologies you feel aren’t yet being maximized?

Data integration, mining and analysis are just beginning to mature and are the next step in the evolution of marketing. All this digital activity is generating a massive amount of data. Marketers are only scratching the surface of what is possible with this much data. The promise of digital is the ability to create a robust, multi-dimensional view of consumers that can lead to greater insights and new methods of interaction. The data is being generated. The technology to assemble it into an analyzable format is being developed. What is needed are minds that can make meaning of it all.

How critical is social media? Where should it sit in a marketer’s agenda?

At the risk of sounding obvious, very critical. Anytime a marketer has the opportunity to listen in on what their audience is thinking, saying and doing they have to take notice. This is easier said than done. Companies can be either very good at reporting on conversations or very good at creating fun ways of interjecting brands into social media. What’s missing is a real sense of what these conversations and activities mean for the brand. Developing these insights will require serious new kinds of data crunching capabilities, and is something I will be focusing on expanding at Added Value.

Looking forward, what are you excited about?

I am very excited about the upcoming launch of our online brand expression tool, based on Jungian Archetypes. We’ve been using a version of this in workshops offline for a couple of years with great success. In fact we won WPP’s prestigious Crème de la Crème Award for it. Going online will enable us to bring this research approach to more clients and increase its utility by reaching more respondents, whether they be internal stakeholders or consumers. I look forward to using digital techniques to enhance the value of other proven research methods, too. As the online Archetype tool will demonstrate, technology enables us to make qualitative techniques quantitative, delivering deeper and more projectable insights. Most of all, I am looking forward to meeting the worldwide Added Value team.

Any last words?

I am incredibly excited to be here. I’ve respected Added Value’s work for years and feel honored to have the chance to contribute to our on-going efforts to provide inspiring insights and analysis to our clients.

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