Equity: Brand Iconography

01 Jan 2009|Added Value

We help our clients understand and develop the power of their iconography.

Most brand models are entirely conceptual. A collection of carefully defined, but essentially abstract concepts. Take away the brand name and you would be none the wiser. Yet many otherwise practical tools end there. Not ours.

We believe that people buy a brand when they anticipate it will make them feel better. More specifically people buy a brand when its ‘iconography’ projects an experience that will make them feel better. Brands which renew their iconography whilst protecting its integrity build strong brand connection and equity. These brands become iconic.

Managing a brand’s Iconography refers to the process of identifying, analysing and optimising the concrete elements which project the intended brand experience. The clearer and more attractive these elements are, the more we link them to concrete benefits the consumer desires, the more dynamic and desirable the brand will become. Optimising brand image in this way leads to communication efficiency.

It also enables us to close the gap between strategy and implementation. We collect the brand’s elements and demonstrate empirically which images are created by which brand elements and experiences. All of this is then analysed against current communication codes in the category and in the wider cultural environment. At the end of this journey of discovery into brand elements and the codes they use, we help our clients define and develop their brand’s iconographic signature.

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