Equity: Equity Management

01 Jan 2009|Added Value

We make the management of brand equity and value a tangible discipline.

Brand equity. Today it’s a common concept. At the start of the 90s, we were among the first to give substance to this concept in the realm of brand management, using scientific discoveries in behavioural research and emotional psychology, cleverly complemented with imagery theory and semiotics. The distinction between ‘mental brand equity’ and ‘financial brand equity’ came later.

Brand Navigator is the name of the equity management process at Added Value. The brand equity model is part of this and is internationally one of the best known brand equity analogies. It has been used in over 6,500 brand equity evaluations to date. In over 30 countries. For products ranging from classic consumer goods to pure technology in the industrial goods sector.

What are the success factors for a brand? How closely are the value and economic success of a brand linked? What image components and what concrete brand experiences are the strongest drivers of brand equity? What are the first signs of deflation in brand equity? With a unique combination of funnel analysis and the brand equity model, we decode a brand’s potential among different consumer groups.

Scenarios can be assessed using intelligent modelling. The analysis of relationships between umbrella brands and their sub-brands provides an important basis for portfolio decisions. A brand can thus be systematically guided in a brand management process. And that also means that we give our clients the possibility, through the use of our brand health monitoring process, to continually stimulate management and guide brand development.

And the constant focus throughout? A clear demand for practicality, maximum implementation readiness and connection with marketing mix measures. Our aim is, as ever, not only to measure brand equity, but to manage it.

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