Innovation: Digital Ideation

01 Jan 2009|Added Value

We design a bespoke digital platform, using AV-id, that enables you to explore, develop and refine your ideas with sparkling thinkers in real time.

Imagine you’re starting a project on health and wellbeing: you want to get to some great brains and imaginations to generate deep insight. You want someone with a database of these people and the ability to create and manage a virtual interaction space, and you want it NOW.

Maybe you are further down the line. You already have concepts and you want to do focus groups or depth interviews on-line, but you’re not sure whether you need to view conversations in real-time or go for an option that’s more vivid, like video sharing, where people record and upload.

Perhaps you want to exploit the creativity of experts and leading-edge consumers to generate ideas. You want the electric energy of people throwing ideas around from one side of the world to another, building on what others are saying through blogs, vlogs, user forums, shoutboxes etc.

You might want to brief coolhunters in Mumbai, Tokyo, LA, Sydney and Barcelona to film and upload a safari of the hottest products, services, outlets, experiences and people as stimulus.

Whatever your need, you’ll benefit from having someone to manage and stimulate the participants and you will want to have the opportunity to observe them, their thoughts and ideas, throughout the entire process. Somebody to help you manage and capture the mass of data and insight in a way that truly reflects the richness and vividness of the medium, so that your internal clients are blown away when they see the work you’ve done.

Click here to watch a short video on AV-id.

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