Innovation: Ideation

01 Jan 2009|Added Value

We dismantled the creative process and bottled the formula for creation.

A funny word, Ideation. It suggests that ideas can be manufactured on an industrial scale. We tried to develop a machine once but our creative director said there was no point. That our clients valued our bad ideas because it made it easier to spot the good ones.

So instead we concentrated on creating a culture and a process that would make human beings more creative and effective. We gave it a proper Schwarzenegger name: GENERATOR. And we trained our entire business in this dark art. At one level it’s a posh name for a brainstorm. At another it’s the source of every good idea we have ever had.

It’s based on sound principles. We worked with choreographers, architects, musicians, and stand up comics to investigate the critical stages in the creative process. We learnt that ideas happen when a fresh connection is made between two previously disconnected concepts. Twisted Jeans. Everyday Champagne. Prada Pilsener (or should I say Peroni). And that connections happen best when you have a deliberately diverse group of creative thinkers in the team. ‘Plants’, ‘Shapers’, ‘Reflectors’ in the right proportion. When the process manages energy and input and output and environment with intent. Preparation is everything.

We have learnt to distinguish between meetings whose purpose is raw creation and those where engagement and immersion is more important. And that ideas often happen off piste. ‘Dirt is Good’ was conceived on the sidewalk of a Parisian cafĂ©.

And to appreciate the value of the prototype. The ‘Post-it Note’ is a wonderful medium, but more often than not, you had to be there.

And that all the above can now be achieved digitally, globally and rapidly using our community of 3000 experts and proprietary digital innovation platform. See Digital Ideation for more.

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