Innovation: Optimisation

01 Jan 2009|Added Value

We help you build the most compelling financial and consumer case for innovation.

Jumping out of an aircraft at 10,000 feet is exhilarating. Jumping out of the same aircraft without a parachute is also exhilarating, but is generally to be avoided. It’s the same with innovation. All the thrill of the chase loses its lustre when you can’t make the numbers work. And in our experience, all too often this is when potentially successful inventions start to lose momentum.

Most businesses need to have a clear sense of the size of the prize, both in volume and value. We have assembled a team of ex-strategy consultancy business analysts to ensure we can address the financial questions any CFO or CEO is likely to need answers to.

Equally, we have built competency in the quantitative development and validation of the concept and the prototype. At the start of the journey we can measure the size of the unmet needs and as we progress further down the funnel we can measure the extent to which both concept and prototype are capable of delivering. We have access to sophisticated conjoint methods to arrive at the optimal combination of product and brand characteristics.

It’s not about marking our own homework. It’s about ensuring that the innovation solutions we develop have the potential to become marketplace successes. It’s in all our interests.

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